Alfred Watson and the Lyceum Art Show - March 2, 2007

On Friday, 2 March, the lobby of the performing arts center at Littleton High School was transformed into an art gallery. The Littleton Lyceum held its second annual art show in conjunction with it’s scheduled program. Over a hundred attendees eagerly examined almost three dozen photos, prints and paintings by local artists Belle Choate, Elinor Gentilman and Rosemary Morrison.

The crowd enjoys the second annual Littleton
Lyceum art show.

While diverging in medium and technique, these three artists have many things in common that tied the show together in subtle as well as obvious ways. Most obvious was the theme of nature, its beauty and thrall. A particularly lovely painting by Gentilman entitled “Broken Still Standing” featured a lesson from nature. It was a close-up view of a shattered tree that she found as she entitled it right here in Littleton. Equally beguiling is “Water Scarab,” a black-and-white photo by Belle Choate. It features a tree and rock, reflected in the water of Fort Pond. By simply turning the print on its side Choate turned it into a Rorschach test of nature, described by some as looking like a snowy owl, by others like a totem pole or even a bug. Rosemary Morrison also used nature as an inspiration to artistic achievement. An outstanding watercolor of hers was a yellow ladyslipper, the petals twisting delicately to the sides.

In addition to these visual delights, people were treated to the outstanding performance of Alfred Watson on the grand piano. Mr. Watson played a selection of European pieces by Chopin, Paderesky and others as well as pieces of his own composition. Mr. Watson ended his performance with an entrancing rendition of Chopin’s famous polonaise, which was warmly received by the audience.

The Littleton Lyceum is the oldest continuously operating lyceum in the nation and has been providing the region with cultural and educational experiences for over 175 years. It’s next program will be on Friday, April 13 at the Littleton High performing arts center and will feature Shakespeare’s MacBeth by the renowned Shakespeare & Company.

Belle Choate (L) and Rosemary Morrison (R) framing
the work of Elinor Gentilman.